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The Enfield Economic Development and Revitalization Commission (EEDRC)

is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. It is the goal of the Commission to work with the mayor, local, state, federal, civic organizations and the faith-based community to improve the quality of life in Enfield.

The EEDRC plans to work in the following areas to implement its vision:

Tourism implement sustainable tourism strategies that are centered around its natural resources and historic and heritage assets while maintaining essential ecological processes.  Goals will be implemented to establish Enfield as a retirement destination. 

Art and Entertainment The EEDRC will work at developing a creative economy in the Town of Enfield. It will work to implement strategies to create a variety of types of jobs included in the visual, performing and literary arts. This will also include fields like graphic design and marketing. Enfield has many fine artists, including mural painter Napoleon Hill (his murals and sculpture can be found on four buildings in Enfield as well as his fish sculpture on the Halifax Electric building), Myra Wirtz and Joyce Ross, so the arts scene is alive and well in Enfield. And the town has exquisite natural landscapes to inspire budding artists.



Entrepreneurship and Workforce DevelopmentThe EEDRC will support the process of developing, organizing and managing a business and entrepreneurial climate to create and promote jobs and self- employment in the community.

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