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Economic Development

Enfield's Business Climate



Enfield’s Business Climate


Enfield is striving to create a business climate that will support the potential of our pre-existing businesses while attracting new businesses to our town. Our local entrepreneurs know their business can function and have been loyal to the town as we strive to grow. Enfield can offer you:

  • A strategic location 7 miles off of I-95.

  • Enfield is centrally located between two larger cities: Rocky Mount (population, 55,000) and Roanoke Rapids (population, 15,000).

  • Enfield has an abundance of warehouse spaces that could be used for storage or redesigned for work-spaces.

  • Location for businesses is considered everything. In today’s economy location can be anywhere. We appeal to at-home businesses or internet-based businesses.

  • Enfield has access to high-speed internet through the Information Highway, which allows for remote workers.

  • Enfield has natural surroundings, heritage and a southern culture driven by local artists and talents.

  • Enfield has a community of former residents and individuals from across the U.S. who have chosen to live in Enfield with the resources, ingenuity and drive to create change. 

  • Halifax Community College offers a variety of programs of studies as well as a small business center that offers services to help promote business growth for entrepreneurs. 

  • Major storms and weather events pass by Enfield without doing extensive damage.

  • North Carolina is a right-to-work state with the second lowest union rate in the nation.







State Taxes


  • Sales Tax = 4.75% -State of NC

  • Sales Tax = 2.25% - Halifax County

  • Combined state county tax rate - 7.00%

  • No sales tax on Machinery & Equipment used in manufacturing processes, however, there is a 1% franchise tax, not to exceed $80 per article.

  • No inventory tax in North Carolina

  • NC Corporate Income Tax = 3.0% 

  • NC Personal Income Tax = 5.499%


Local Taxes

Property Taxes


$0.838 per $100 of assessed value (Town of Enfield)

+$0.770 per $100 of assessed value (Halifax County)

= $1.608 per $100 of assessed value (Combined Tax Rate)





Business Recruitment Targets


Enfield will implement three overarching long-term strategies: 1) to stabilize and then reverse any additional population loss; 2) to implement substantial community development reform; 3) as growth does begin to occur, it should be focused in the direction of I-95 in order to support future development opportunities.


Industrial Recruitment


  1. Work with the Town of Enfield officials and the Halifax County EDC to promote the existing heavy industrial properties in and around Enfield.

  2. Focus recruitment efforts on relatively small-scale manufacturers and value-added processors, such as food products, plastics and wood manufacturing clusters that are appropriate for nonresidential land parcels in and around Enfield.

  3. Proactively target recruitment targets that complement existing industrial and business activities in Enfield and surrounding counties.


Retail Business Recruitment


  1. Collaboration with the Town of Enfield, contact franchise owners and national corporate headquarters for stores already located in the five-county region.

  2. Primary recruitment target will include electronics stores, clothing stores, sporting goods and hobby stores, miscellaneous store retailers and food service.

  3. Secondary recruitment targets will include automotive stores, building materials stores, personal care stores and general merchandise stores.


Target Industrial and Retail supported by data in the Enfield Economic Development Master Plan- UNC Center for Competitive Economics.

Business Recruitment
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