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Town of Enfield


Enfield, originally the county seat of Edgecombe County, precedes Halifax as the oldest town in Halifax County. The area was settled prior to 1725; however the town was not founded until 1740. It ties with Wilmington for the fifth oldest town in North Carolina. Enfield was once a city that played a major role in the founding history of this country. The Enfield Riots (1759) were a prelude to the Halifax Resolves and the first rebellion against British rule. A three-term governor of North Carolina, Gov. John Branch,  resided in Enfield; three NC Supreme Court Justices were born here and, Louis Austin, the publisher of the Carolina Times, were all born in Enfield.

One of the unique and significant aspects of Enfield as a small town is that it is surrounded by clusters of small communities. Enfield became the hub of the economic, social and cultural life in these communities. Kodak's George Eastman made triannual visits to Oak Lodge - in Enfield's Ringwood community - coming into the Enfield train station and then heading out to his "precious retreat" in Enfield's countryside.  

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